Easy Compliance solution
for startups & SMBs

Generate Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Refund Policy, and Cookie Policy pages, complete with cookie consent widgets featuring consent logging, to ensure compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, ePrivacy Regulation, and more.

Build Comprehensive Policies with Consent Management

Generate Policies with AI and templates
Quickly generate tailored policies using our templates or tap into the power of AI for automatic policy generation. Craft comprehensive, customized policies effortlessly, meeting your specific needs with precision.
Unlimited Policy Pages
Every business has its unique requirements for different kinds of policies - license policy, Refund policy, Takedown Policy, etc. With SubPage, create or generate all the policy pages and maintain them with ease.
Seamless Collaboration
Invite team members and work together for increased productivity while ensuring compliance for your website/business.
Professional & Branded Policy Pages
Just focus on your content. In just minutes, your website will have a policy page that reflects your professionalism and identity.
And more . . .
Downloadable Policies
Give your users the option to download your policy document as a PDF, right from the website.
Version History
Boost confidence and trust among your website visitors by providing a transparent policy version history.
Deliver original content in multiple languages, eliminating any room for misinterpretation caused by browser translations.

Why SubPage is the best choice for your Startup/SMB ?

Unified platform for your entire team with unlimited collaboration.
Up and running in minutes - Leave code, design & hosting to SubPage.
Super easy and fast tool - fit to be used by anyone.

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