Build Knowledge base for customer education.

Craft a self-service knowledge hub for superior customer support and fortify it with an in-depth glossary and comprehensive FAQ. Dive headfirst into the world of customer education to supercharge your product-led growth.

Your Ultimate Customer Self-serve Toolkit

Empowering Support Teams to create superior Support Documentation

Fast. Easy. Innovative

Create how-to guides in minutes
Download the SubPage Help Chrome extension and create how-to guides, step-by-step instructions and all support articles for your help documentation automatically in minutes.
Measure help center helpfulness
Understand which articles need work and what is missing with comprehensive metrics to build a robust help center.
No code. No design.
All your help center resources including in-app widget, Integration Directory can be up in minutes without any coding or designing effort.
Seamless Collaboration
Whether you are small team wearing multiple hats or a big team with dedicated teams, collaborate seamlessly among your team to bring the best help documentation to your customers.

Why SubPage Help Mod is the best choice for your Startup/SMB ?

Up and running in minutes - Leave code, design & hosting to SubPage.
Super easy and fast tool - fit to be used by anyone - founder/marketer/support team.
Support Customers with Multiple help resource. types.

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