Effortless Policy Compliance Management

Create Policy pages for Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Refund Policy, and Cookie Policy along with cookie consent widgets with consent logging.

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Up and running in minutes
Create all policy pages for your website within minutes using our super easy app.
No code and user friendly
Easy to use, no-code and professional all at the same time.
Best for teamwork
With seamless collaboration, easily add team members to review and publish.

Stay compliant and build trust among your website visitors

A professional policy page is a must-have when you are on your path to scaling your business and getting more customers to trust your website and buy your solution or products.

Start creating your policy center with SubPage.


Keep it professional and branded

Crafting a modern, elegant, and branded policy page is quick and easy with SubPage. Focus on your content while we handle the design, logo integration, and color customization. In just minutes, your website will have a policy page that reflects your professionalism and identity.

Improve your customer's interaction experience

Downloadable Policies
Give your users the option to download your policy document as a PDF, right from the website.
Transparent Version History
Boost confidence and trust among your website visitors by providing a transparent policy version history.
Leave no doors to misinterpretation with browser translation. Provide original content in multiple languages.

Generate Policies using templates and AI

Quickly generate tailored policies using our templates or tap into the power of AI for automatic policy generation. Craft comprehensive, customized policies effortlessly, meeting your specific needs with precision.

Get consent from customers in style

Elevate your approach to obtaining customer consent with our stylish cookie widgets. These sleek, user-friendly tools not only ensure compliance with data privacy regulations but also enhance the overall user experience on your website, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between legal requirements and aesthetics.


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