Frequently Asked Questions


SubPage is for building the non-core "subpages" of your website like Blog, Help center, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Career Page, etc. You cannot build your Website core pages like the Home page, pricing page, etc.

You can purchase additional domains to manage subpages for multiple websites under one account. With the current pricing plans, only one domain is offered per account. Contact to purchase additional domains.

For all pages published using the free plan, there will be a SubPage branding in the form of a sticky badge at the bottom right corner of the page with the text "Made with SubPage". To remove this badge, you can upgrade your account.

Once your subscription period expires, you will be notified via email about the license expiration. Failure to renew will result in all your pages being automatically unpublished.

You can purchase SubPage with any major credit card. We also accept bank transfers and Purchase orders for yearly subscriptions.

With the Premium plan, the "Made with SubPage" badge will be removed and replaced with a non-intrusive link at the bottom of the page.


SubPage offers the AI assist feature for generating text content as well as image content for each page to help you speed up content creation. For each AI content generation, 1 AI credit is used up. Every time you use the AI assist feature, you will see a popup that shows the remaining AI credits available for the day/month.

Certain pages like policy, blog, and changelog provide special widgets as an add-on like a notification widget for changelog or accept terms widget for the policy page.

Yes! You can collaborate with your team by adding them to your domain space with specific roles and permissions. This helps you manage different subpages of the website easily.

However, collaboration is available only in paid plans.

Yes! You can add Google Analytics or any other analytics code by using the code injection option. Note that this is available only in the paid plans.

No. There is no restriction on visitor count for the published pages.

SubPage allows you to publish the subpages using the subpage domain itself. However, when you publish on your custom domain, it promotes your brand better.


Above pricing is per website. Each domain can have all the modules for that plan. Additional website support can be purchased from same account at the same cost.

You can purchase SubPage with any major credit card. We also accept bank transfer and Purchase Order for yearly subscriptions.

No. The license is tied to the domain space. So collaborators can access domain spaces shared with them even after their trial expires.

AI assist incurs additional costs for us so we have restricted its usage with a credit system which is mentioned in the above pricing table.