Keep your website organized with a SiteMap page

Subpage Sitemap page

What is a SiteMap page?

SiteMap page lists all the pages of your website in a well-organized list form. A sitemap page is extensively useful for website visitors to search and find a specific page. It also serves to link all the unlinked pages of a large website, increasing its visibility and providing a clean architecture.

Benefits of a SiteMap Page

  • Organize large websites easily
  • Guide website visitors to easily find the content they are looking for
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization and search visibility for all pages.

Use SubPage to create your SiteMap page in minutes

Automate with crawl

Use the 'Crawl site' option and populate your SiteMap page automatically in seconds! Remove any links from the crawled list or categorize them into different heads.

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Searchable Sitemap Page

Enable the search option to give your website viewers easily search for a specific term from the sitemap page without any coding.


Intuitive Online editor

You can manually add the links of your website to the Sitemap page using our intuitive online editor. Easily add and manage categories for your sitemap page efficiently.


Preview and Publish

Preview your Sitemap page before you publish. Publish with a single click instantly.