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Stay compliant and build trust among your website visitors and customers by adding all the required policy pages to your website. Create your Privacy Policy Page, Terms of Service Page, Cookie Policy Page, Refund Policy page, and all other policy pages without any hassles using SubPage - one place to generate, and host all your policy pages in minutes.

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Start with a template, or Write with AI

Choose from one of the ready-made policy templates or use the integrated AI content writer to speed up your website building time. Edit, add, or remove sections later with the easy-to-use online web page editor.

Maintain a revision history

All policy changes are important to track, and with the in-built revision history features, you can easily manage your policy changes.

Compare Versions

Compare two different versions of your policy right inside the editor to easily maintain track of changes.


Download Policy

Give your users the option of downloading your policy as a PDF, right from your website.


Auto Translate

Make your policies available in multiple languages for your users with the multilingual feature that auto-translates your policy page in selected languages and shows it as a dropdown for users to choose.


Collaborate together

By making use of SubPage's efficient permission based sharing, bring your legal experts, copywriter and managers together and craft the best policies for your business.

Stay compliant by adding the policy pages to your website

  • The privacy policy page helps to protect your business from potential legal issues and helps to build trust with your customers. The privacy policy page helps to comply with data protection laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and others.
  • The Terms of Service page helps to outline the expectations of what a customer can expect from your website, including information about any disclaimers, ownership of content, and purchasing policies.
  • The Cookie Policy page can help protect the privacy of website visitors and ensure that their data is being used in a responsible and transparent manner.
  • The takedown policy page is important for websites that host user-generated content, as it allows users to ensure that their intellectual property is protected.
  • The refund policy page clearly explains the criteria used to determine whether a refund is appropriate, the timeframe within which a refund must be requested, and the methods of refund available. This avoids any disputes with the customers.

How to create a policy page for my website?

Follow these 6 simple steps to create a Policy page today

  • Enter your website domain details.
  • Choose which policy you want to create, e.g., choose the 'Privacy Policy' page from the list of sub pages.
  • Pre-fill content from one of the pre-made templates or write with AI, or create from scratch.
  • Edit content to make desired changes.
  • Choose the desired layout from the 'Layout options'.
  • Optionally, change the text and layout colors to match your brand.
  • Click on 'Preview' to check your Policy page.
  • Click on 'Publish' and enter the domain address. Your Policy page is ready and live!