Provide an Effective
Help Center for Your Business

Subpage HelpCenter page

Craft an Impressive and User-Friendly Help Center for Your Customers in Minutes

Choose from professional help center layouts that suit your need.


Offer in-app help with widgets

Choose between sidebar widget or a floating icon widget with contact form to take your support to the next level.


Editor with purpose-built features

Add callouts to highlight important messages on the help article, add pronounced sequence numbering to write step-by-step guides, add code blocks, tables, images, videos, and more.

Intentionally designed to create better help articles.


ln-built screenshot Annotator

Add pointers to buttons, highlight sections or form fields, and do everything you need to annotate your screenshots for your help article right inside SubPage.

Never jump between multiple apps.


Capture customer feedback

Let users tell you if they are happy or unhappy with your help article. Feedback is always the best way to improve!

Track performance

Analytics to help you monitor your help center performance with various parameters ranging from total views to most searched terms etc.