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What is a Glossary?

Glossary is an educational or informative section in your website which lists all the detailed descriptions or definitions of common terms used in your industry or sector. It is a great resource for website visitors looking to learn more about the specific technology you are specialized in.

Benefits of having Glossary

  • Educate website visitors about various topics in your industry
  • Establish leadership in your industry by consistently updating the glossary page with new and emerging technology related terms
  • Increase search visibility by providing the educational and informative content that users are looking for.

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Intuitive online editor

Use the intuitive editor in SubPage to add terms and their description to build your Glossary page in minutes. Manage your page easily and consistently update it without any interference from your web developer.

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Write with AI

Use our in-built AI plugin to quickly add the descriptions for the terms in your Glossary page.

Neatly Organized

Do not worry about the alphabetical ordering of your content. Just keep adding the content and it is automatically sorted alphabetically.

Searchable Glossary Page

Enable the search option to give your website viewers easily search for a specific term from the glossary page without any coding.


Preview and Publish

Preview your Glossary page before you publish. Publish with a single click instantly.