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What is a FAQ page?

A FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions page) is a page on a website that provides answers to commonly asked questions about a product, service, or company. FAQ pages are typically organized into categories and subcategories to help visitors quickly find the answers they need. They are also often used to provide additional information and resources to customers who may be unfamiliar with a product or service.

Benefits of a FAQ Page

  • Improved Customer service - An FAQ page can answer many of the most frequently asked questions, allowing customer service personnel to spend their time addressing more complex inquiries.
  • Better User experience - Having a well-organized FAQ page allows customers to quickly find answers to their questions and helps in building trust with customers.
  • Improved SEO - An FAQ page can help improve your website's search engine rankings by providing content that is frequently searched by users.

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Intuitive online editor

A editor built exclusively for adding FAQs and organizing them into different sections. Fill your questions and answers with an editor that requires no expertise.

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In-built Search

Add a search box on your FAQ page and help users quickly find the question they are looking for, without any coding effort.

Neatly organised

You can easily add categories for your FAQs and present them in an organized way on your website.


Preview and Publish

Preview your FAQ page before you publish. Publish with a single click instantly.

FAQ page layouts

Enter your FAQs once and switch between different layouts in a click.


How can I add a FAQ page to my website?

Follow these 6 simple steps to create a FAQ page today

  • Login to
  • Enter your domain details
  • Choose FAQ page from the list
  • Add FAQ page content by adding the question and its answer.
  • Select layout and publish instantly to your website.

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