Add a Coming Soon page for your business with waiting list

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Add and host a Coming Soon page in a snap


3 steps to build your page

Create a ComingSoon Page in 3 easy steps

  • Add a product sneak peak description, launch date.
  • Select from a wide range beautiful coming soon templates
  • Hit Publish, host your ComingSoon page in main domain or subdomain.

Coming Soon page layouts

Choose from a wide variety of beautifully designed coming soon page layouts that includes half-page preview, minimal, counter. Switch to your desired layout anytime in a click.


Add interested visitors to your waitlist

Either use the built-in signup form in the coming soon page or with the provided waitlist widgets that be embedded anywhere, capture early leads for your upcoming product.


Waitlist Manager

Use the Waitlist manager to list, search and know more about your members like their location, OS, browser, timezone. Export to CSV and add it to your favorite email marketing tool.

Why use SubPage instead of other website builders for creating ComingSoon pages?

If you are building your website on a website builder like Webflow, Wix or Squarespace, you might want to explore creating ComingSoon page using the same. But read on to know the disadvantages while doing so and understand why SubPage is the optimal solution for easily creating and maintaining your ComingSoon page for your upcoming product.

With Website Builders,

  • Limited themes have a ComingSoon Page style included. And cannot be switched between themes.
  • Settingup a automatic countdown widget requires third-party support or tech knowhow
  • No in-built way to collect waitlist members. Requires CMS knowledge for form setup, fields...
  • Does not automatically collect web information about waitlist members like location, OS, timezone
  • No in-built way of collecting waitlist leads using widgets
  • Managing waitlist members is done through a DB manager which is not easy for non-tech admins

With SubPage,

  • Enter your data once, and switch between several ComingSoon themes instantly
  • All themes comes with their own styling of CountDown widget
  • Includes optional form to collect waitlist leads
  • Automatically fills more information about the waitlist member like location, OS, timezone
  • Using widgets, collect waitlists from anywhere outside comingsoon page in popup or embedded forms
  • Exclusive waitlist manager that is easy to use and exports to email campaign friendly CSV format