Add a Careers portal with applicant tracking

Subpage Careers page

Use SubPage to create your jobs portal


3 steps to build your page

Create a Careers Page in 3 easy steps

  • Enter your company name and other details about your company.
  • Add job descriptions for open positions
  • Choose a theme, customize colours to match your brand and your careers page is ready to be published!

Write Job Descriptions with AI

Use the 'Fill with AI' option to generate a job description by entering the job title. Make changes to it as required or enter your job description manually.


Use draft mode to hide your filled job positions

Maintain all your job descriptions in one place inside SubPage, and you can decide to show or hide them based on the available open positions using the 'Draft' mode in the editor.


In-built Search and Filter options

With all the layouts, you can choose to add a search and filter option for job seekers to conveniently search for a specific job position based on department, location, etc., without writing even a single line of code.


Easy Application Process

Easy to apply for your job seekers with a minimal detail collection form. Applications are automatically forwarded to the HR manager's email.


Simple Applicant tracking

HR managers or recruitment managers can directly track the applications and mark them as shortlisted or rejected using the in-built applicant tracking inside SubPage.

Why use SubPage instead of other website builders?

If you are building your website on a website builder like Webflow, Wix or Squarespace, you might want to explore creating Career page using the same. But read on to know the disadvantages while doing so and understand why SubPage is the optimal solution for easily creating and maintaining your Careers page for your company website.

With Website Builders,

  • Limited themes have a Career Page style included.
  • Either no organized way of adding and maintaining Job descriptions, or way too complicated with CMS
  • No in-built way to add search or filter functionality on the page. Only possibilities through paid 3rd party plugins and requires coding.
  • Need developer intervention to update job listing.
  • No applicant tracking system

With SubPage,

  • No dependency on other pages. Brand and customize every page that fits well into your website.
  • Easy to add and manage all job descriptions with categorization
  • In-built search and filter options are activated with a toggle button.
  • HR can completely handle the Careers page without depending on the developer.
  • Simple in-built applicant tracking