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What is a Brand Guide?

A Brand Guide page on a website is a section dedicated to showcasing a company's brand guidelines. This usually includes essential elements that define the company's brand identity. Key features of a Brand Guide page might include logo presentation, product screenshots, color palette, voice and tone.

Benefits of having Brand guide

  • Brand Identity: Helps in establishing and reinforcing a strong brand identity, making the brand easily recognizable and memorable to the audience.
  • Brand consistency: By enforcing guidelines, publishers can ensure they your brand logo and colors in the appropriate way
  • Brand Marketing: It will provide a sense of trust among customers when a business showcases their brand language.

Brand Guide focussed layouts

Switch between professionally designed layouts for displaying brand guides


Brand categories

Add logos, color palettes, screenshots, guidelines


Brandguide specific features

Easy color code copy, image usage markers, different listing types - all built-in

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Brand kit

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There is no-code and no-design involved in managing brand guide at SubPage