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E-Book Downloads
E-Book Downloads
Newsletter Signup Forms
Newsletter Signup Forms
Insightful Lead Capture Metrics
Insightful Lead Capture Metrics

The most intuitive & powerful blog tool

Premium Blog Editor
Create stunning blog content with our intuitive editor, combining the simplicity of a document editor with powerful AI writing features.
Design Customization
Customize your blog theme to match your brand colors, logo and styling. No design skills required.
Seamless Collaboration
Share with your team, guest editors and other members and collaboratively write your blog together in real-time.

Themes made for SaaS Blogs

Experience the power of tailored SaaS blog layouts. Our professional themes are designed for efficiency and functionality, offering features such as search, featured articles, related content, and more.

professional layout
maze layout

Features for Blog Editor

No hassle setup

Simplify your blogging process: connect your domain, write your articles, and publish with a single click.

Sub-Directory Publishing

Boost Google indexing with support for sub-dir publishing -

AI Blog Builder

Quickly generate listicles, blog outlines, or complete blog drafts in minutes, or convert a feature page or changelog into a blog article in a click.

Blog Image Creator

Design your blog visuals with our powerful image creator or choose from stock images & AI-generated options.

Blog Scheduling

Simplify your blogging routine with simple post scheduling. Schedule your content to go live exactly when you want, with minimal effort.

Insightful Analytics

Discover actionable insights with our blog analytics. Monitor visitor engagement, traffic sources, and content performance to refine your blogging strategy.

Simplicity to the core

SubPage is all about saving time and effort. No learning over-head between tools and is designed for non-tech people.

Blog Widgets

Drive user engagement with effective blog widgets. Use banners and pop-ups to notify users of your latest content, boosting engagement and retention.

Lead Capture

Enhance lead generation with streamlined solutions. Integrate newsletter sign-up forms, ebook, and template downloads seamlessly to convert interest into valuable leads.

Plagiarism Checker

Ensure originality and credibility of your articles using the best-in-class plagiarism checker that checks and lists copied sources.

Content Calendar

Boosting your organic traffic requires dedicated and consistent content publishing efforts. With Content Calendar it is easy to plan and schedule posts.

SEO report

Check word count, post metrics like inbound, outbound links, get suggestions and warnings with built-in SEO report card generation before you publish

Review comments

Like Google Docs, post inline review comments with reply, resolve features. Comments helps your content team discuss and make changes seemlessly.

Over 10 blog layouts

Over 10 different blog layouts tailor made for SaaS. Layouts can be switched without affecting data. With design studio, you can customize the look-n-feel of each layout.


Supports zapier out of box when new lead or blog post is published. Also supports several embeddings like YouTube, Instagram, X...

Features for Blog Reader

Super-fast loading

Blogs load super-fast irrespective of your reader's geographic location. Optimized for performance.

W3C verified

All blog layouts are W3C verified and tested in all devices. Which means readers will not find any differences if they are in Chrome, FireFox or any other major browser

Dark mode

Accessibility is key when it comes to reading. This is why all our blog layouts support dark mode capability for the entire reading experience.

Easy social sharing

Your readers can boost your blog's reach with easy social sharing across multiple platforms with just a click.

RSS feed

An automatic rss feed is generated at your blog url which your readers can use it for blog notifications in their favorite RSS reader.

Search, Categories, Author

Readers can easily filter your blog via category, author. Or just use the search box to look for particular articles. It uses full-text search indexed for speed.